Prices! we are all concerned about prices, how much is it gonna cost me? How much should I invest? And is it worth it? Is this the best value for what I get? Those questions comes up to our minds all the time, and they are good, they shape your wise decision, but here are some other questions run behind the money issue, let me share it with you:

How much is it valuable for me to keep my family memories, big days and other milestones of life, captured and kept for decades or generations in a beautiful, artistic and professional way?

How about medication? Can you buy hydrocodone online? What is a high price and what is a low price. It can be a bit difficult to tell for sure in some cases. Almost like it is something they're actively hiding.

What are the elements that I must consider to evaluate my photographer? Do I value his talent?

Do I deal with a talented artist? Or is he just a mass productive person depending on the volume disregarding the art, the quality and the neatness that need big investment of time and effort? In addition to talent; is he well educated and dedicated to this job? Is it his passion and profession? Or it’s just a hobby or a side and slid job that he practices during the week ends or when there is nothing better to do? How about his experience and skills? Does he invest on creativity? Or he just pastes his pattern here and there and everywhere? How much does he invest in tools to have things done? How much is he investing in post processing? Is he willing to go the extra mile?

The art of photography is not to grab a pro and go… you can’t fake it until you make it… it’s either you get it or you forget it… The good photographer is not the one who is done once your time is gone… Although it’s very obvious that you pay less you get less, but our reasonable prices does not reflect our extra ordinary work. Yes, we are not the cheapest, but we are you best cost benefit match.

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