Wedding Coverage..


Worried getting married?! (more than a photographer)

Don't panic, during the reservation meeting (one and half hour) you will just need our recommendations and experience for the different worries of the day.. makeup, lighting systems, time management, camera fears, photo posing, recommendations for video techniques... and much much more issues and ideas for how and what to do to enjoy your biggest day. They called him the bride calmer.

What shall we shoot? (sessions):

• Engagement and trial Session [different day] (2 hour)
You will have a casual professional photo session with the average of 30-40 photos, also poster full resolution jpg digital file is given, we'll talk and know each other more; here we will be friends.. We'll study those photos back home to insure the best out come on the big event. Click here for Samples.

• Pre-event Session (bride & groom) [Hotel Or Home Only - 3 hours]:
Covering all the bridal preparations; dress, jewelry and accessories in addition to a fantastic makeup, hair dressing and dressing shots and the Groom getting dressed too. Keeping these precious long hours of preparations to live forever. (One Location or to be discussed) Click here for Samples.

• Formal & Portrait [Different scenes, locations and styles [1.5 - 2 hours]:
Fulfilling your day's dreams with numerous scenes and ideas to fit your style, character and uniqueness. Freezing those warm and emotional moments creatively and professionally; those big wedding photos you dreamed to keep at home and heart, and for generations to come. Click here for Samples.

• Wedding and Ceremony [1 - 2 hours]:
The bridle processionو Walking the isle, vows and finally may the groom kiss the bride; the whole ceremony details, moments, laughter and tears some times. That's were you get united and forever. Click here for Samples.

• Reception and wedding party [ full coverage - 5 hours]:
Covering the very meaningful moments during the wedding party; entrance, first dance, champagne show, cake show, dancing, friends, families, celebrities, groups photos.... etc. In addition to the endless shots that no one notice or see... smiles, looks, emotions and motions that you love to keep. Click here for Samples.

• Bedroom Session [30 minutes]:
Prefer to keep it secret and private as it should be... You will be amazed!!!

• Dress Trashing Session [4 hours]:
Let's enjoy the white dress and the suit once more, lets renew the memories, let's re-play bride and groom play without limits and add marvelous ones to them as well. After the honeymoon we go and trash the dress, either in a street scene or by the beach. Simply amazing experience that refreshes the priceless feelings and keeps the valuable moments to live forever by those gorgeous photos.

What shall we get?

• Unlimited number of digital photos (Average of 60 photos per hour).

• All photos in full resolution on DVD for all sessions including the formal session.

• All photos are subject to Gohar Photography editing and retouching, lighting & color correction.

• Please note: endless printing and producing options, ideas and materials are available to fit your home style (not included).

• “Online Publishing” Share your photos with family & friends around the World through a personal link.

• Full copyright © to print high quality and full resolution photos.

How are we gonna pay?

• 50% reservation and down payment, full payment within the last week before the event.

• Each extra hour is subject to $150.

• Weddings with over 500 guests are subject to $500 (additional professional photographer is provided).

• Extra fees for out of town event trial session could be added

**All prices are subject to change and packages shown on this page may change at any time.  Any price or package changes after you book your wedding will not affect your wedding.

 When to book and What to do?

Whenever you want us to be committed please book your day.. Half an hour makes a difference.