Before you book your wedding photographer!

Wedding photographs are meant to be for life and generations to come as well as seeing them the very next day after your honeymoon. Professional photography has 3 phases; shooting - editing - production so,

1. Your number one considerable decision making factor must be the photography it self; the art.. Don't go with the editing or production lie too far! And for me as a wedding photographer for more than 7 years photography has 3 fundamental axis:
a. Talent; the art, the eye, the gift and the visual sense, which should be enhanced by studding and practicing. Don't judge or choose you photographer according to his Facebook page fan's number, there are a lot of marketing tricks and even cheating in this, I've been offered hundred times to increase number of fans 10K every week. Also don't go with the few pictures posted on social media channels, ask him to see a full wedding.
The good photographer must have tens of factors jumping in his head every moment; the story, the sense, the feeling, the mood, the atmosphere, the location, the scene, the composition, the light, the colors and at least seven other manually set elements in his camera! Wedding photography is not a joke or a weekend job! It's not about releasing the shutter every few seconds and that's it!
b. Tool; although tools by itself is a just a machine, but good photographers must have good tool to let them work for them, and not the opposite by the way, good tools do nothing if photographer is not good. Also a backup set must be there in his bag; tools failure happens.
c. Communication; your wedding photographer is the one whom you will spend the biggest and the longest day in your life with, he is the person whom you will trust to keep all what's gonna be left after the big day ends, so if he is not able to fit in this as a person and character don't hire him, even if he is talented and fully equipped, he must know how to manage your stress, your fears, your worries and solve all your problems. He must be playing all other roles to insure the best outcome. He must know how to make you feel comfortable in front of his camera, his role is to bring all your ten years old dreams for this day. Here I highly recommend an engagement shoot or a casual session before the big day.
2. In a digital world and era we live, everything can be manipulated, objects can be added, and endless effects can be applied... If you wish to see your photos not real and doesn't remind you with the exact sense, feeling, spirit and sky colors of your biggest day! It's up to you, but on the other hand you must know that sooner than you can imagine your photos will get dated, the good photographer must show you your wedding day after it's gone, you must see the moments that no one saw, but he shouldn't show you things that wasn't there! Don't let the editing deceive you; mainly editing is there to control uncontrollable factors during the fast paced wedding day, color enhancement, retouching, light adjustments and minimal composition turnings.
3. This is the biggest lie ever in the wedding photography industry! Every time your photographer try to avoid talking about photography or mix between photography and photo production you must know that art for him is not the selling skill... Every photographer wants you to buy an album, and it's good to have one, but this is way away of the photography, I have seen stunning albums, made on the finest paper in the world, but the photographs there are just rubbish, photographer is not a printing house that's why I named it "Gohar Photography & Image Production". If you are limited with budget, invest more on the photography and less on the photo production, my inbox has a lot of these frustrating stories, photo production can be processed after a year or two, but missed photo or bad photos can never be recoverable.

Finally you meant to be the queen of the day! Enjoy it, love it and live it.. Congratulations in advance!

Shaddy Gohar

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