It all started with a seven year-old and a family camera! “Gohar” pursued his career as a photographer many years later. Having graduated from the Fine Arts School, he knew how to capture the moment with his brush, yet his passion to capture it with his camera kept growing…
Befriending his camera he kept shooting special moments, faces, and gatherings. Without professional training and credentials he was entrusted to wedding events of friends and family. In a short time the work spoke for his talent and his journey with professional photography started.
He started his business in a 2300 sq foot apartment in busy Cairo, with some 12 unique team members who market his journey of success, hitting an average of 65 events annually, delivering up to 10,000 photos a month. Soon, Gohar photography gained recognition in the media as one of the top wedding photographers in the country and a Facebook fan page hitting the 42k fans.
Now and with wider exposure he's based in Los Angeles, California, and moves everywhere spreading his art with love in various fields of photography. For him photography is not just a job, nor a business that makes his living, but as he likes to express it "Passion and Profession" he works days and nights to make brides' dreams come true, to make family moments to live for life and generations to come. He also works so hard to please his fans and to let the moments they spend here on his website or any other channel of his social media be enjoyable and inspiring.
Have fun!